Who We Are

FCA UK has a vision to provide the very best education solutions and consultancy services to Schools, Colleges and Clubs.

With over 30 years` experience within professional environments, education, development and coaching, the company has a commitment to provide the very best education, enrichment and coaching solutions, whilst improving the employability of all the young learners with whom we work. 

Whilst we recognise the ongoing financial pressures being placed within education, FCA UK adds value to the education service providing external support and an extension to existing sports study programmes. The company has an ongoing vision to develop enrichment for young adults, whilst establishing long-term healthy relationships within the education sector.

We work in partnership with clubs, schools and colleges to provide First Class educational opportunities, and to ensure the opportunities continue to be financially sustainable. With over 40 years experience within the coaching industry, we recognise the challenges and limitations within the amateur game, and provide bespoke, tailor-made solutions. 

Identifying and cultivating talent is one of our key objectives. Our unique perspective & USP allows us to develop the intersections between mainstream learning environments. We provide opportunities for the learners to be the best they can be, which led us to our mission "Through excellence inspiring others to achieve".

We recognise the importance of providing Key Stage 3 learners; and learners aged 16-19 years with a variety of new exciting pathways into Higher Education and employment.

We have a track record that sets us apart from a host of education providers, as FCA UK has an ongoing mission to combine enrichment with employability.

Colleges and schools please get in touch with us via the contact page.