What We Do

FCA UK offer a fully comprehensive service to football clubs, colleges and schools. We provide a range of short & long courses for students aged 16–19 years that have a passion for sport & learning, and wish to pursue and career within the sports industry.

We provide flexible and bespoke educational options that are tailor-made to both the Intermediate & advanced learner. We have discovered that broadening the education pathways helps integrate and retain learners into the model and limits the number of footballers that may find out during the course that the course model is not entirely suitable for them. We have recognized that more learners are choosing more practically structured programmes such as Coaching or Fitness.

FCA UK believe in the importance of developing mutually beneficial partnerships with local schools and supporting clubs with outreach programmes. We recognise the limitations and sometimes lack of man power for clubs to connect effectively with their local communities. Partnerships become an integral feature to the longer-term development plans, and at FCA we are happy to invest time and money into developing more sustainable opportunities for players surrounding the clubs catchment.

Our expertise & experience can help to develop the following through coaching, community partnerships & education;

  • Encourage more children & youths to continue to play team sport out of school
  • Create pathways for both Intermediate & technically advanced learners
  • Provide more pathways from school sport to community sport
  • Inspire more young players to develop in the game
  • Raise the profile of colleges, schools and clubs within local communities
  • Create revenue streams for clubs and schools
  • Increase the standard of coaching within clubs, colleges & schools
  • Make education & coaching more affordable and sustainable

Please contact us at fca@fcalondon.co to find out how we can support your local school, football club or community as a whole.