FCA UK prides itself on providing a number of pathways for learners with an impressive track record of success. We recognise that the choice of pathways will widen each year and we work hard to create a specific route of progression for each individual learner.


Our programmes have a proven track record of producing senior football Players. Over the past 12 years, players have featured in League`s 1 and 2, as well as the Conference National and Bostik leagues. We have also seen a number of our graduates play in the United States on soccer scholarships. 

Our focus on player development rather than team results has enabled players to maximise their potential within a safe and nurturing environment. Our player centred approach allows players to maximise their abilities without feeling the pressure of a win at all cost’s mentality. Through our player profiling we are able to work with the player to develop individual aspects of their game within the team environment. Resilience, respect, and hard work are the cornerstones of our success.



In the past, academy graduates have taken a number of career pathways including football coaching, PE teaching, Sport & Fitness, and the leisure industry. With concerns to the former, many learners wish to stay within the football industry, and have pursued football coaching. Several former students are currently working in grassroots clubs or professional academies. 

Some students decide that football doesn’t provide the necessary opportunities for their career aspirations, and work in completely different sectors. 

However, we can provide each student with the tools proven to be transferable in any work place. Hard workin, resilience and respect form the foundation of our programmes.

During your time with FCA UK, each learner is supported through their career options, and our partnerships with Colleges allow us to offer students professional career consultation.

Further education

A number of our students have opted to pursue further education and have moved onto University or post graduate courses.
Our close links with colleges & career services allow us to offer learners a level of support and consultation after each year of study, to ensure students do not lose sight of their individual progression route.
We recognise that students may change, and wish to adjust their study programme to meet their individual needs. Some learners have preferred to pursue more practically structured models which allows them to gain valuable work experience.
Following Level 3 based qualifications we recommend learners consider the FE route that may enable them to maximise their academic performance and capabilities with a new study programme that will give them entry into a career. We appreciate that this may not be a suitable choice for all learners due to the sizeable financial commitment through embarking on FE.


Coaching has become a popular pathway for learners over recent years, with the option to take FA Coaching qualifications during the study programmes.
Through the Coaching / Activity Leadership programme – L1, L2 & L3 PE & Sport in Schools, learners take on coaching placements within schools and clubs. This allows each student to receive valuable practical experience supporting & accompanying professional established coaches.
Learners will learn the key elements regarding coaching at different ages, the importance of age appropriate practice, and how to differentiate between teaching and coaching. Feedback and mentoring is provided, to enable swifter progress with development and wider understanding with the expectations, role of a coach and different coaching styles.


FCA is pleased to be able to announce a partnership with Pass4soccer. We support our students in gaining access onto these outstanding sports and educational programmes, and believe in offering our students pathways to the US. This partnership programme enables students to explore potential scholarships into the United States. Every year, Pass4soccer visit our site to present the different options for students and to assess their suitability for a scholarship.
The site visit would allow learners to ask any questions about the programme, and they can be advised of the application process.
For anyone seeking to continue their footballing development whilst obtaining a first-class education, then this would be a viable pathway.

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