FCA Merstham Football Club Academy

Merstham FC 16 – 19 Youth Academy


Football Coaching Academy in partnership with Merstham FC are delighted to announce the launch of our Academy programme for the 2022/23 season.


The Football Coaching & Education model will be fully inclusive and available for both intermediate and advanced learners. We believe the programme will help to retain, develop and attract new players to the football club.


MFC believe this is the perfect time to explore this new exciting opportunity and partnership, which will no doubt help develop football and academic performance within the community of Merstham.


The Academy programme will provide and develop the following;


  • Excellent pathways into employability and Higher Education
  • First class learning environments for all levels of footballers
  • A comprehensive education model encompassing NCFE L3, Personal Training, and vocational-based Coaching based qualifications
  • High quality coaching from experienced UEFA B Qualified professionals
  • Route into senior Football




How much football can I expect?


Learners will partake in a minimum of 10 hours coaching each week, with sessions being held across 3 days per week.


MFC Academy will enter a team into the National League Alliance with games taking place on Wednesday afternoons. Merstham FC Academy will also enter the Tactic League for the 2020/21 season with plans to also enter a team in the U18 Youth.


How will my Education work?


Learners will have a range of educational pathways and options. MFC Academy will be offering an NCFE Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity. This course can provide learners with the equivalent of three A-Levels and can provide direct access to University.

Additionally, we can provide learners with a Traineeship in Sports Coaching. This programme is more suitable for vocationally-minded learners who are perhaps looking to quickly establish themselves in a coaching role, and either have completed or are looking to complete the FA Level 1/2 Coaching Awards.

MFC 16 – 19 Academy will also be exploring potential partnerships to accommodate A Level students.

The pathway of each learner is dependent upon a number of factors including previous general educational attainment, core functional skills (Maths & English) and GCSE grades. We also pay attention to learners’ school reports and the projected performance & attainment so we can manage each learner`s expectations and goals accordingly.

The Traineeship is a short, three-month programme whereas The NCFE Level 3  Extended Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity are two-year programmes. A popular combination for learners is to enrol onto the vocational/practical Traineeship after completing the academic NCFE programme.

Below is a typical timetable for each MFC Academy Member;






Training- 11AM-1PM

Lesson 1:45PM-3:45PM

Training- 3PM-5PM

Lesson 11AM-1PM

Match Day (Typically 12pm Kick-Off)

Lesson 9:30AM-3PM

Other Enrichment/Employability activities such as Functional Skills

Training- 1:30PM-3PM


How can I enrol onto the programme?


Merstham FC will be holding regular trials during the season to assess player/learners looking to join the programme in the next pre-season. The screenings also allow us to understand the demographic of each learner and assess the feasibility.


As part of our recruitment process, the Senior Management Team will invite prospective members for an interview to determine suitability, as well as to consider and consult on the individual pathways and expectations.  


Upon meeting the entry level criteria both academically and as a footballer, learners will be invited to join the programme’s pre-season model in August 2023. The Talent ID and interview supports the screening process by enabling our development team to get to know each learners’ capabilities & competencies.


Subject to GCSE results learners will be invited to enrol onto our NCFE program.


If you would like to be contacted regarding Talent ID dates and to attend a session, please get in touch with Academy Assistant Director Jarrad Little at jarrad@fcalondon.co or at 07947657922